Thursday, 11 February 2016

Pro tools 12 download links ALL working!

Hi Guys
After 1.5 months of searching i finally found a good website with working Pro tools 12 download links.
Its hosted by "bytewhale" its a tipical filehost, similar as the old megupload or hotfile. The files are splitted into a few rar parts, so the download might take some time, but the good news is its worth to wait because it works perfectly. FORGET about torrents, non of them work. Total waste of time.If you listen to me then choose that site. They have a lot of DAW softwares and VST plugins available.

I put a link to the site in my previous post. Go back one post, scroll down and click on the "pro tools 12 download" text. Forgot to mention that it comes with ilok crack so you dont have to mess with that anymore. I hope you guys find this post helpful! Comments and feedback are appreciated.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

How to download Avid pro tools 12 for free

Pro tools 12 free download the easiest option

Avid Pro tools 12 free download is what many of you looking for.We are happy to announce that its finally available with Avid Pro tools 12 ilok crack.Pro tools offers users with plenty options to compose sound tracks, record, edit and mixing the tracks.Make tracks faster and efficiently with this program. This is why majority star artists, DJs and producers are continually using pro tools 12 compared to any other DAW. 
avid pro tools 12 free download

Avid Pro Tools 12 – Knowledge Base

The downloading info is listed at the bottom of this page; however, read the subsequent before downloading the software.

Pro tools 12 free download - system compatibility and requirements prior to downloading:
  • Pro Tools program support Mac Operating System (OS) X 10.10.3, 10.9.5 and 10.8.5 (Yosemite, Mavericks, and Mountain Lion respectively). However, S5-Hybrid, S3, MC-Pro users, and Avid Artist are compatible with Yosemite, at least not yet officially proclaimed. Therefore, upgrading to Yosemite if using these applications is not recommended. On the contrary, if using the system on Mavericks or Mountain lion you ought to install Eu-Control 3.2+ application from here. 
  • Pro Tools 12 is compatible with Windows OS 8, 8.1, 7 and 7 Service Park 1 (SP1).
  • If using S6 and using pro tools 12 patches, upgrade to version 1.4. Access the function from you Avid Account, then products, and subscriptions.  Thereafter, update the S6 Software.

NB: The Read Me Files is an important document encompassing error related messages, issues resolve and known issues among other information. For further perusal, review these documents Pro Tools 12 Read Me - Windows (PDF) and Pro Tools 12  Read Me - Mac (PDF).
Authorization Information:

  • The Pro Tools 12 program call for Pro Tools ilok license to function effectively and version HD 12 requires Pro Tools 12 and HD 12 ilok licenses to run. Therefore, review your operational license at

Installation Procedure:

  • Download the application from this website. It offers the best up-to-date Avid Pro Tools 12 Cracked, thus ideal programs for your undertakings. These are unlike low quality system programs offered by plenty online websites. 
  • The application is full installer and does not necessitate previous version of the freeware prior to installation. In fact, it’s recommended that you uninstall similar programs from your PC, and then download Avid Pro 12 the latest version.
  • Pro Tools 11 boast Virtual Instruments & Effects plug-ins that is installed from the ACC (AIR Creative Collection) installer. Run this program after installing the Pro Tools.
  • If using HDX/HD Pro Tools application, affirm that you install HD 12 drivers to your OS; else you get pro tools 12 error installing required components to the system. The 12 download incorporates these drivers built-in in the driver installer folder. Nevertheless, is a non-HD user, get the newest attuned drivers for the Avid interface, particularly if using Yosemite Operating System.  
  • If the Pro Tool is not fitted in the Mac OS X Doc, manually add the application to the system by dragging and dropping to the Dock. Get additional installation instruction from Pro Tools Software Installation Guide, but after downloading the legit program from this site.  
The Co-installation Review
  •  Pro tools 12 free download version 12.x co-install is supported by Mac OS (mountain Lion) only. Verify additional details.
  • When co-installing 10.3.6 and higher versions of this program on HD Accel TMD hardware, avoid updating the HD 12 drivers.

Provided you have a legit downloading link (from this site), the application runs effectively, but only if you adhere to the listed system requirement. Therefore, adhere to this download and installation guide and enjoy the free music making software. 

Pro tools 12 crack

NB: if you download ilok for pro tools 12 from corrupt links, the application will harm your system and influence the performance of installed plug-ins hence affecting your recording, mixing and overall music making experience.    

Update: If you are looking for Pro tools 12 download links then click. This site is legit and every software works. I can recommend to everyone.